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Our team has up to 25 years of experience in the beauty industry. We offer a wide variety of services at Sorelle Beauty Suites. Our talented providers receive constant education on new innovations and creative techniques. At Sorelle Beauty Suites you will find a comfortable environment so you can feel free to be yourself.


Our Story

HI! I'm Lisa the Owner and Aesthetican at Sorelle Beauty Suites! Just a little bit about how I got started in this industry.

I was diagnosed with Melanoma at 21 years old after my mom discovered a dark mole on my back. I ended up going through laser treatments and the doctor was able to remove all borders before passing through my bloodstream. I knew I needed to start taking better care of my skin so I went to Esthetic school. My sister Angela recommended it and I LOVED IT! I graduated in 2004 with the highest honors and received a 99% on my state boards. Shortly after I got a job working at a med spa and continued for many years. I started growing their Esthetic department by 90% in services and product sales while getting paid very little. I knew I was worth much more and needed to make a change!

So I decided to go into business for myself. I started renting my own small loft room and it has been a little challenging since I am out growing my space.

Now I have the opportunity to lease a bigger space with my sister Angela. Angela is a master stylist and she has been in the industry just as long as I.

Finally after years of people telling us that we need to work together at the same place. I started Sorelle Beauty Suites! I am sure people are going to ask how we came up with that name. Growing up and being part of a big Italian family, we were super close and chose the name "Sorelle" for our business which means Sisters in Italian. I think the name fits perfectly.

Meet The Team

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