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Professional Facial

Esthetic Services

We love skin! We take the time with our clients to really listen during the consultation to make sure you are using the correct skincare products. We also want to make sure you know how to take care of your skin at home. Whether you have a specific goal in mind or experiencing skin concerns related to stress or imbalance, we will make sure you have the perfect treatment for your skin!


A light exfoliation to remove dead skin and eliminating superficial blemishes resulting from aging, acne, or prolonged exposure to the sun. Healthier, more youthful-looking skin with a silky smooth feel. Add on a peel for more exfoliation.

Dermaplane Exfoliant

Removes excess dead skin and peach fuzz using a butter blade tool. It is generally a stand alone procedure, but it does create deeper product penetration boosting the product effect.

Acne/Teen Facial

Incorporating a combination of deep cleansing, extractions to remove pore clogging sebum and variation of a smoothing mask, moisturizer and spf

Diamond Glow Facial

The DiamondGlow device is a general dermabrasion device that gently removes the top layer of skin and delivers topical cosmetic serums onto the skin

Fire & Ice Facial

This treatment will include a chemical peel, soothing mask and ice globes. Designed to help resurface, rejuvenates the skin, reduces hyperpigmentation, fine lines/wrinkles and promotes cell renewal.

All About the Eyes

We provide lash extensions, lash lift, lash tint, brow shaping and brow tinting.

Celluma LED Light Therapy Facial

A facial treatment that address both acne and aging in a single device. Including a peel, massage and mask.

Collagen Facial

A treatment designed to restore the depleted collagen in your face and rejuvenates your skin. Ultimately, a collagen facial will slow down the again process by replenishing your body's natural proteins, using collagen will also help dry and dehydrated skin.

Vitamin C Facial

Promoted smoother skin, vitamin C is aknown to provide aging support and help your skin recover from the effects of heat, sun, and humidity. Essentially, a mix of high quality vitamin C-rich products into the treatment for specific benefits.

Chemical Peels

Helps improve a dull complexion, reduces acne, fine lines and wrinkles and larger pores. During the consultation we will determine the best peel for you. A series of  3-6 is recommended for best results. Some clients may need to be pre conditioned 4-6 weeks prior to a peel.

SkinPen Microneedling

This treatment is to improve the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars, all over texture and tone of the skin. A series of 3-5 are recommended.

The Unicorn Peel

The next generation of skin rejuvenation chemical peel, that does not peel. It took 10 years to develop in Europe. No downtime just a little unicorn Visible tightening and lifting. Recommend a series for best results.

What Our Clients Say

Image by engin akyurt

Mireille, Client

I have been a client of Lisa now for several years and was so glad when she moved to her new location. I always look forward to my monthly facial appointments, Cannot say enough how much I enjoy my time with Lisa

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